A perfect life begins in the heart of blue and green.

Acropol Greenlife was designed with ecological and traditional major design fiction, which is compatible with the environment, does not disturb the nature, after a long-term analysis process to design new living units. In line with the lists of needs, the slope in the project area was transformed into an opportunity and unique landscapes were created. The buildings were spread horizontally in the design area to be in harmony with the rich landscape texture of Mumcular, where all the spaces created can be illuminated with natural light. In addition to the placement on a macro scale, the space setups of the buildings were planned by considering privacy and common areas while organic

It consists of 253 blocks of 3+1 villas on the land. Of these, there are 22 single-storey detached and 231 flat villas.

The pleasure of being in an environment where blue meets green from place to place, where you will add health to your health in our villas with nature views located in Mumcular, a living area where you can get away from tiring pace of life in Bodrum, and relax your soul, is priceless. A perfect life that you can say; health is here, peace is here, naturalness is here, is waiting for you

  • Within the scope of our pr
  • Fully Detached Villa with Garden
  • Twin Villas with Detached Garden
  • MALL
  • Children’s Playground
  • Walking and Jogging Track • Social Facilities
  • Natural Lake
  • Multi-Purpose Gym • Swimming Pool
  • There are many facilities such as Parks and Gardens.
  • Completion Date: December 2023

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