In our Türkbükü project, which we started to design with the concept of healthy life, we combined all our villas with natural light, unique views and rich landscape texture.

In our project, which we planned by blending the traditional texture of Bodrum with modern architectural principles, we took care to be in touch with nature. We turned the slope into an opportunity in our special project, which we created due to the sloping land structure. With the natural river passing through the middle of our project area, we aimed to meet our villa residents with a unique view. We took care to ensure that each of our villas in our project is a private detached villa. We wanted freedom, convenience and comfort to be at the top of the privileges offered by our detached villas.

In our Türkbükü Project, there are 50 villas in total. The spacious living spaces created in our villas has been designed to take you beyond your dreams. Our villas, consisting of large and spacious areas, are designed as duplexes. Our project is designed as 4+1a in the form of large living room kitchen and a bedroom on the ground floor, and 3 bedrooms on the upper floor.

While arranging the relations between spaces, we have achieved an elegant look with modern and aesthetic touches where you can experience calmness and comfort together.

In this project, which we designed considering the stressful and intense flow of life, we took care not only to create new living spaces, but also to create luxurious and healthy living spaces with modern architecture, rich landscape texture and unique views.

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