As a result of our efforts for the location when we started our project, we chose this region, which has a golden value in terms of investment, while laying all the possibilities of Bodrum under your feet, while also thinking about your peace of mind.

Our project, which will end your longing for green and blue in Konacık district of Bodrum, which has been the center of many civilizations and cultures throughout history, can enjoy the unique view from the hills covered with forests 2 km north of Bodrum. We have created an environment where you can experience the vibrant and enjoyable with social facilities, and sometimes the peace of green and blue.

We combined all of these with the Bodrum brand. This project, which rises in Konacik town of Bodrum where you can meet your daily life needs instantly, is 10 minutes away from shopping centers, social life areas and facilities where you can benefit from health services.