Buying a house in Acropol Valley means making a good and profitable investment in the future. Flat villa, in the spacious gardens, 17 great villa alternatives where you will enjoy the garden and be free.

Feel the life, freedom be with you. The project, where life will start in July 2021, consists of 17 detached flat villas, each of which will be built on 1000 square meters, within 16,459 square meters. Acropol Valley, located in a central location, houses 4 different types of 3 + 1 villas from 140 square meters to 180 square meters. It has a spacious and green sun terrace outside its pool in its private gardens with panoramic views of Bodrum. Apart from its private bathroom, each room has a dressing room in the master bedroom. Our project has fan coil system, outbuilding, open and closed parking lot, water tanks, suitable for 12 months of life.

Acropol Valley

Starting date; March 2020

End Date; July 2021

Total area 16,459m2

Garden and Terrace area?

Pool 39 m2

4 types of floor plans

140m2 (1 unit)

Type 2; 160m2 (6 units)

Type 2; 170m2 (6 pcs)

Type 4; 180 m2 (1 unit)

Type 3 180 m2 (3 units)